Bedford School has an enviable sporting tradition stretching back over two centuries. Today, our ethos is very much forward looking and we are thoroughly committed to providing the very best for our students, aiming to promote excellence in all that they do.

For many years, we have offered sport scholarships to students demonstrating the ability to succeed at the highest level in rugby, hockey, cricket and rowing.  

Sport scholarships are offered to candidates who demonstrate exceptional talent and potential in the school’s major sports of rugby, hockey, rowing and cricket; a high level of ability i.e. county/regional/national standard, in at least one of the above sports is a minimum requirement for application.

Entry at 13+ (Year 9) and 16+ (Year 12)

  • Both internal (13+ only) and external candidates wishing to be considered for a sports scholarship must submit an application form to the Admissions Office by the 1 December in the year prior to intended entry.
  • As part of the application process we require references and testimonials from the people who train/coach your son in the sports listed on his application form. These must be returned with the application form.
  • Candidates will be assessed in the following areas:
    – Leadership
    – Aerobic capacity, strength, power, speed, agility and co-ordination
    – Major sport aptitude and potential.