The teenage years are exciting and full of boldness, creativity and fun; they are also as fragile as they are pivotal. Whilst constantly aiming to inspire (high-quality teaching, strong relationships and a wonderful environment combine to achieve this), Bedford School also provides a safe framework from which such energy can thrive.

We believe that being a boys’ school certainly helps us to provide the security and structure that boys need during the teenage years to pursue their interests and passions for life.

Academic results are very strong and over three-quarters of our leaver applicants will go to a Russell Group or Times Top 30 university at the end of their time with us. A number of others will pursue their interests in the art, drama or musical worlds, or on to overseas universities or into high-level apprenticeships with global firms.

We believe, however, that academic results themselves only matter in so far as choice over the next stage is concerned; far more important is the curiosity, ingenuity and sense of fun which academic, and other, interests inspire – and therefore the sort of man each boy becomes. Furthermore, good manners, consideration for others, an ability to communicate effectively in both formal and informal settings are even more important today than they have ever been, in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive.