Who can apply?
Scholarships are available to current boys and external candidates as they enter Year 9 (13+), and to external candidates only at Year 12 (16+). In exceptional circumstances, boys may be considered for a scholarship on entry to the school in Years 10 and 11 (Pre-IB course), subject to the availability of funding.

We welcome scholarship applications from all interested families. However, this may not result in an invitation to attend the assessment days. Please provide as much detail about your son’s current performance to aid us in this selection process.

Is there an examination fee?
No. You only need to pay the Registration Fee at the point of initial application to the school. The examination itself is free and considered part of the application procedure.

Can my son apply for more than one scholarship?
It is possible to apply for an Academic, Art, Drama, Music or Sport scholarship, or a combination of these, and successful students may hold the status of a multiple scholar. Multiple scholarship awards will only qualify for up to a possible maximum of 35% of annual school fees. Any candidate applying for more than one scholarship will need to return to the school on more than one occasion for the various assessments.

What happens if my son misses out on a scholarship or has different talents?
In these cases, your son may be considered for an all-round scholarship.

How much funding will I receive?
Successful scholarship candidates will receive up to 10% of their annual school fees from The Harpur Trust. Up to a further 25% of their annual school fees may be awarded, if exceptional talent is identified, via the Brian Saville or Professor John Roach Scholarship Funds. Any amount required beyond this may be awarded on a means tested basis through the Bursary scheme. Financial scales are available for parents to find out more detailed information on what support may be available; please refer to the Harpur Trust web site for more information (www.harpurtrust.org.uk). You will be required to complete the Harpur Trust’s Bursary Assessment Form which must be returned by the 1 December in the year prior to entry.

How long will the awards last?
The scholarship will normally last for the duration of the boy’s time at the school (subject to consistent performance) and will continue across the transfer at 16+ provided that the academic entry criteria for the Sixth Form is met.

Is the information in my application confidential?
Yes. All information disclosed in the scholarship application is treated as strictly confidential.