80% of boys went on to either Russell Group and/or Times Top 30 universities in autumn 2021.

The most popular destinations this year were Durham, University College London, Bath and Exeter, with boys going on to read Economics and Management, Linguistics, Physics and Natural Sciences (Biological) at the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. We are particularly proud in this pandemic year that no fewer than 11 boys secured places to read Medicine. 

Equally exciting are the degree subjects that the boys are reading, which include Computer Science, Theology, Architecture, Agri-business Management, Engineering, Law, International Relations, History of Art, Cancer Biology and Immunology.

Outside of the UCAS system, the range of futures is also exciting with boys earning places, many with prestigious scholarships, at top universities across the world, including Harding University, Arkansas, and the University of San Diego in the United States, Universität Mannheim and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in Germany. Boys also gained places on degree apprenticeships with leading firms, art foundation courses and direct employment, whilst others opted to take gap years.

University Destinations 2021 




The school is committed to providing full support for students who wish to apply to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The school’s academic scholars and gifted and talented students are encouraged to attend the Archer Martin Society (Fourth, Remove and Fifth Form) and the Mitre Club (Sixth Form) to develop the academic interests and the ambition required to make a competitive application to these institutions.

In the Sixth Form, students who wish to be on the ‘Oxbridge List’ receive support from the relevant Head of Department or departmental Oxbridge Tutor to develop their ‘super-curricular’ activities such as reading and attending lectures and preparation for the relevant entrance exams. In September of the Upper Sixth there are mock entrance exams and boys are guided through the application process by the Head of UCAS and Master in Charge of Oxbridge. Students are provided with additional departmental support prior to interview and they are given at least two formal mock interviews.

In recent years an increasing number of students have decided to apply to Oxford and Cambridge and numbers of successful applications have been very healthy.