Bedford School has a long and distinguished history in theatre and performance. We are proud to present a wide variety of school productions every year, showcasing our students’ many talents.

Bedford School’s splendid £6.5 million theatre is an impressive performing arts facility, not only for boys at the school but also for the local community through the close links and interaction it fosters.

Boys regularly produce and perform a wide range of exciting and ambitious shows, and experience first-hand some of the best in touring theatre, comedy, dance and live music through the many productions that are performed in the theatre.

Entry at 13+ (Year 9) and 16+ (Year 12)

  • Both internal (13+ only) and external candidates wishing to be considered for a Drama scholarship must submit an application form to the Admissions Office by the 1 December in the year prior to intended entry.
  • We would encourage boys to include a reference/testimonial from their current Drama teacher (this could be from within school or an external drama club) in support of their application. This must be returned with the application form.
  • 13+ candidates will be asked to perform one monologue and take part in a group workshop.
  • 16+ candidates will be asked to perform two contrasting monologues and take part in a group workshop. In addition, 16+ candidates sit a written paper which focuses on the monologues performed by them and any other play(s) they have studied or seen in performance.
  • Both 13+ and 16+ assessments will also include an interview with the Director of Theatre and the Head of Drama about the candidate’s interest and involvement in Drama.
  • Other theatrical skills such as song, dance, mime and improvisation can also be offered, together with evidence of theatre design or technical expertise. Candidates should choose their monologues carefully so that they can demonstrate a range of mature acting skills.