The Parents’ Guild Shop is run by friendly parent volunteers and stocks clean, good quality uniform and sports kit for the Prep School and Upper School. Items are generally half the cost of new and sellers receive 50% of the proceeds (paid annually).  


The nearly new shop is located in the school shop (at the back, on the right-hand side) on Burnaby Road.

Opening Dates & Times

Autumn Term 2020
Saturday 3rd October8.45am to 12.00pm

Procedure FOR purchasing items

  • You MUST contact us first to let us know that you are coming. Please email
  • We will only have eight parking spaces so we may need to stagger arrivals.
  • Security will have your name and allow you to drive through the barrier to park opposite the shop.
  • Outside the shop there will be a gazebo and table. If someone is already being served, please let them finish before going over to the shop. Waiting in your car is advised. 
  • You must not go further into the school.
  • Once you are being served, our volunteers will select the best quality item that you require. 
  • Please note we do not have every size of every item so we may not be able to provide all the items you require.


We are only accepting card payments at the moment.


  • Uniform must be laundered before donating. It must be in excellent condition, if you wouldn’t buy it the likelihood is others won’t want it.
  • All items must be labelled. The labels can be found here .
  • The items must be in a sealed bag with a label showing the date that you are dropping them into the school.
  • A large bin will be placed by the gate next to the school shop on Burnaby Road on specific dates (see below for upcoming dates). There will also be a bin placed next to the sanitisation station at the Prep School entrance. Please give the bag to your son to take into the school and ask him to drop the bag into the bin. It will have a sign on it saying Guild Shop Uniform.
  • We are NOT accepting shirts, trousers or any footwear at present. Do not donate tailored items.
  • If any clothes are dirty, in poor condition or items as mentioned above they will be thrown away. So please check your items carefully. 
  • If items are not put into the bin, they will be disposed of.

dates for dropping off items – autumn 2020

  • Wednesday 30th September
  • Thursday 1st October
  • Friday 2nd October

Please give the bag to your son to take into the school and ask him to drop the bag into the bin. It will have a sign on it saying Guild Shop Uniform.


If any boys who are leaving the school have items they no longer require, please consider either donating them to or selling them through the Nearly New Shop. Thank you. 


The following parents kindly volunteer to run the school shop;

  • Neil Morgan
  • Barbara Lewandowski
  • Jane Urwin
  • Emma O’Dell
  • Tracy Stickles
  • Vaishalli Patel
  • Pamela Clark
  • Nancy Sarro
  • Clare Dennis
  • Alessia Palmeira
  • Denise Maddocks

 For further information, please email