The Club has a wide network of volunteer representatives across the UK and the world, called District Vice Presidents (DVPs), who give advice, make introductions and organise OB events.

Local contacts are so important for the Old Bedfordians Club community to thrive.

If you live in an area of the UK, or a country internationally, which isn’t listed as having a DVP, we would love you to become the first DVP for that area. We are always looking for self-motivated individuals with access to email who would like to join the DVP network.

The Role

The time commitment can vary depending on the number of OBs in your area and how much local activity you want to encourage. It can be a small role if you just want to be available for OBs to contact to find out the best seafood restaurant in the region or for a chat about the current economic situation. Some of our DVPs organise reunion lunches, evening drinks or sightseeing for OBs. Many meet up with visiting OBs (it’s nice to see a friendly face when you have travelled somewhere new!) or give advice to OBs who are moving to the area.

As all DVPs are volunteers, this should not be seen as an exhaustive list of a DVP’s role but rather guidance:

  • to be the main point of contact in your region/country
  • to develop a local OB Club network for social and business purposes (as you want)
  • to organise, with help from the OB Office, an event hopefully each year or more regularly (as you want), and encourage local OBs to attend
  • to help update the OB Office with any major news relating to OBs in your region/network
  • to help advise (and possibly meet up) with any OBs or Bedford School parties planning a visit to your region/country


DVPs are able to socialise with new people and old friends, and continue their relationship with the School. OB events are very fun, sociable and friendly and you will enjoy getting to know people in your area. In terms of business, you will have the opportunity to network with potential business contacts and enhance your CV with the range of skills and experience you will build as a DVP.

The OB Club is able to assist you, with guidance on organising events and also with regards to publicity and promotion of your events.

Join us

If there isn’t already a DVP in your area, and you enjoy socialising and communicating with people of all ages and would like to volunteer for the role, you sound perfect – please get in touch with the OB Club!