The OB Club Directory is the OB Club’s online password-protected directory of Bedford School alumni.

It replaces the printed ‘Register’ or ‘Blue Book’ that you may have received in the past. Use the Directory to get back in touch with friends or search by profession to find a new business contact. You can also update the contact details that we hold for you. 

A trip to the other side the world to visit relations in New Zealand provided an ideal opportunity to meet up with Old Bedfordians whilst en route. Using the Alumni Directory I was able to contact the DVPs in Dubai, Auckland, Sydney and Singapore. Get togethers were quickly arranged and we were able to enjoy the delightful company of OBs, wives and partners at several enchanting venues in many wonderful cities.

Craig Mitchell (64-74)


Before you can use the Directory for the first time, you need to register so that we can confirm you are an Old Bedfordian. This ensures that OBs’ contact details are kept secure but it does mean that it can take 24 hours for us to approve your registration, or longer over weekends or School holidays – thank you for your patience. Once you have registered and been approved, you can log in at any time with your username and password to use the Directory.


Update your details

Have you moved a few times since leaving School? Or maybe you have changed your job or broadband provider so you now have a new email address?

Register with us to update the contact details that we have for you, so that you get your free copy of the annual OB Review magazine, keep up-to-date with our monthly News emails, and receive relevant and local event invitations.

If you have already registered, just log in to update the details we hold. (If you have forgotten your login details, click the ‘forgotten password’ link to be sent an email with instructions on how to choose a new password).

Updating your details is key to helping us keep the Directory current and helpful for the OB community. But if you would prefer other OBs not to see some or all of your contact details, you can tick the ‘make private’ box so it is only visible to the OB Club.


How to use the Directory

Once you have logged in, you can search the Directory for Bedford School alumni. If you know the name of an OB you would like to find, type their surname into the Surname boxes, and press search. (If you search by first name, be aware that it will not show the person if we only have their first initial recorded, or if their official name is different to that which you knew them by). 

To find those in your year group, search by ‘Class of’ – it can be in the format 1977 or 77. You may notice that some OBs in the results have a different ‘Date left’ – this is because they left School early, but they were in the same year-group.

You can also search for OBs who live in a specific city, county or country. You may like to find out if there are any OBs in your local area, or you may be visiting a new country and want to get in touch with an OB who lives out there. Most Old Bedfordians will be happy to respond with some advice or a recommendation!

There is also the facility to search for fellow OBs in specific business sectors and professions. Perhaps you would like to get some advice from a professional within the industry you are interested in developing a career. Or maybe you would like to find a contact or develop a business relationship.