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OB Club Officials:


Prof Martin S Snaith OBE (53-63)



Chairman: Craig Mitchell (64-74)
Treasurer: D Alistair Gray (66-72)
Director: Hugh Maltby (73-83)
Auditor: Collett Hulance


Past Presidents

Sir James Hennessy KBE CMG (37-41) D P ‘Budge’ Rogers OBE (49-57)
The Hon Sir Stephen Mitchell (54-60) Wg Cdr Roy W Gamblin AFC (56-60)
Capt C Timothy Langdon RN (57-64) Sandy C Gray (59-64)
David T J Murray (69-76)  


Vice Presidents

R Patrick F Shorten (41-50) Ollie J Slack (83-93)  
The Rt Hon The Lord Naseby (50-55) Ian C Codrington (45-56)
Anthony J Ormerod (47-57) Christopher W Jones (72-77) 
Col S Anthony G Abrahams TD DL (60-70)   John Sylvester (Master & Hon OB 60-94) 


Honorary Vice Presidents

Dr I Philip Evans (Head Master 90-08)  John S Moule (Head Master 08-14)
James S Hodgson (Head Master 14-present)


Members of the OB Club Council
President, Past Presidents, Vice Presidents and the following:

John R Sharman (53-64) Brig Nigel R Aylwin-Foster (64-74)
Richard J Northern MBE (63-72) Christopher J Brodie (72-83)
Ian G Peck (65-76) Alistair Gray (66-72)
Mike Spencer (82-87)  Toby Lousada (70-81)
Colin Baker (staff 79-16)  


Members of the OB Club Executive Committee
Chairman, Treasurer and the following:

Dr Jason Reddy (79-84) Oliver P English (07-12)
Harry A Beale (98-09) Charlie L Gray (88-96)
Oliver L S Turner (97-06) Charles J A Wren (95-06)
James Maltby (03-13) Joe Sylvester (87-98)
Arthur Li (08-15)