Here you will find listed business and charities within the Old Bedfordian network, as well as discounts and concessions that OBs are offering to fellow OBs.

East India Club discounted membership

As an Old Bedfordian, you are able to apply for J7 membership of the prestigious East India Club at highly preferential rates. To qualify for this rate you must apply within 18 months of leaving Bedford School and must contact the OB Club on for a letter of recommendation from the Head Master.



Christopher Burr MW (58-69) is one of the founders of wotwine? and leads the tasting team. He has been a Master of Wine since 1995. wotwine? provides an independent, rigorous, definitive guide to every bottle of wine you will find on a supermarket shelf, with a price they would give that represents fair value. 

Christopher generously gave two prizes at the 2013 and 2014 OB Club Annual Dinners – one for the OB who travelled the furthest to attend the Dinner, and one for the Old Bedfordian family with the most OBs and wives present with the same surname!
Visit the wotwine? website

West Wales Holiday Cottage

OBs wanting a holiday in hill country may want to look into Bwthyn yr Ysgol, a one-bedroom, one-storey cottage, next door to the farm where OB Dr Lucien Jenkins (65-76) now lives. It has wonderful views across the Preseli Hills and surrounding countryside; buzzards and red kites are daily visitors. It is about 20 minutes drive from the sea, where there are herring, porpoises and seals.

Find more information about the cottage here 

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