Alex Schoenenberger (00-09) has become engaged to Sophie Collin. The couple plan to get married in London later this year.

Sam Morel (99-07) has become engaged to Sophie Gerlach (DAHS), sister of Dr Matt Gerlach (97-08). The couple plan to marry in 2022.

Lawrence Coward (98-08) and his Australian fiancée, Alexandra, have had to put their wedding on hold due to Covid-19 and now plan to marry in October 2021.

James Richardson (94-05) married Megan Evans at the Fitzrovia Chapel on Sunday 30th August 2020.

Mark James (96-07) married Izzie Pickering (BHS), in December 2019.

Nick Hoare (01-12) married Jacob Hayes on the 19th December 2019 in snowy Central Park, New York City.

Jamie Worboys (98-05) married Michaela Leach at Shuttleworth House in November 2019.