Academic excellence is our primary objective at Bedford School.

Standards are high and the atmosphere in the classroom is demanding and progressive. Our exam results are strong, with boys’ results always significantly surpassing national average outcomes at all levels.  Our curriculum is structured to provide breadth and balance and extend learning well beyond national requirements. We aim to inspire our students to become lifelong learners who have inquiring minds and a fundamental curiosity. We want them to be critical thinkers, to enjoy personal growth and to thrive on intellectual challenge.

2019 A-Level and IB Combined Grades*

(Higher and standard level)

  • 43% of exams were graded A* to A or equivalent
  • 72% of exams were graded A* to B or equivalent.
  • 89% of exams were graded A* to C or equivalent

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is a globally recognised pre-university course designed for students aged 16 -19.  Bedford School has recorded outstanding results in each of the years in which it has presented candidates for the IB Diploma examinations.

We believe that the IB gives our boys an edge as they seek places on particularly competitive university courses in the UK and elsewhere, and that it is also an asset to those who recognise that their future career may include an international dimension. It allows specialisation in a specific area, for example, science, humanities or languages, while also offering breadth. The core components of Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay develop critical thinking and writing and promote qualities of independence and curiosity which are essential for higher education, and the CAS programme takes boys out of the school to help others in the community.

2019 IB Results*

  • 34 points was the average score per candidate.
  • 53% of exams were graded 7/6, the equivalent to A*/A at A-Level.
  • 84% of exams were graded 7/6/5, the equivalent of A*, A or B at A-Level.
  • 100% IB Diploma pass rate.


The Advanced Level course at Bedford is a strong option for boys wishing to follow the traditional pattern of subjects and for many it is the natural choice. It is often attractive to those who wish to specialise after GCSE. Students also enjoy a Skills Programme to prepare them for university life, which is complemented by a full lecture programme with major speakers from outside the school. A wide range of sporting and service opportunities are also offered.

2019 A-Level Results*

  • 37% of exams were graded A* to A.
  • 66% of exams were graded A* to B


The two-year GCSE course provides a strong foundation for boys moving on to A-Level or the IB Diploma. Boys study a core of English, Maths, a Modern Language and all three Sciences as well as a broad range of other subjects to provide them with a secure and challenging academic foundation.

2019 GCSE Results*

  • 47% of exams were graded 9 to 8
  • 66% of exams were graded 9 to 7
  • 80% of exams were graded 9 to 6
  • 96% of exams were graded 9 to 4


*Please note that the results are correct as of 05/09/19. However, they may increase, subject to grade reviews.