We are committed to empowering all boys with the knowledge and skills they need to realise their potential.

We believe boys should never be limited by false barriers to achievement and we are dedicated to ensuring that every boy receives the support they need throughout their time at the school. 

In the Prep School, our Special Educational Needs teachers provide essential support and guidance to identify and nurture a wide range of abilities and talents. We recognise the importance of providing the support some pupils may need to access our advanced curriculum and push beyond it into their own areas of learning.

In the Upper School, our Academic Support Department provides specific lessons for pupils who have AD(H)D, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia or need study skills support. We offer one-to-one tuition to develop each boy’s learning independence; focusing on single curriculum subjects helps boys to improve specific skills such as spelling, reading and essay writing or preparing for exams. The skills learned in sessions are highly transferable across other academic subjects.

We are also committed to providing ongoing support and training to our teachers so they can continue to support each boy and meet their learning needs in the classroom.

English as a Second Language

Boys whose first language is not English often need some additional support with their studies. Through our Academic Support Department, boys enjoy a creative syllabus that delivers specialised help in English for academic purposes. Our staff, through living and working overseas, speak different languages and have an understanding of a wide variety of cultures. Working closely with the boys, they support them both linguistically and culturally, helping them to adapt to studying and living in an international environment, and achieve their academic potential.