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25 November 2020

Bedford’s Highlanders – A talk by Richard Galley (72-82) – Online

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Bedford’s Highlanders – A talk by Richard Galley (72-82) – Online

January 14 | 19:30 - 21:00

Between 15th and 18th August 1914 around 17,000 Scottish territorial soldiers arrived in Bedford for training. These were men of the Highland Division (later to become the 51st Highland Division).

The kilted troops became a familiar and welcome sight in the town and surrounding countryside and largely as a consequence of the dispersal of billets throughout the Borough, Bedfordians took the Highlanders to their hearts. Strong, genuine and lasting bonds were quickly forged between the Bedfordians and the Scots and several Bedford families can trace their connections back to Highland Division men who returned to the Town and made it their home after the war ended.

Join Richard Galley (72-82), supported by a wealth of contemporary photographs, as he examines the impact of the Scots' friendly invasion of Bedford Borough during the first 9 months of World War One.  Read more about Richard.

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