Bedford School Association Committee

Chaired by OB Simon Briggs (77-82), the BSA Committee has representatives from the Bedford Preparatory Parents’ Guild, Parents’ Guild (which operates in the Upper School), Past Parents’ Association, the Old Bedfordians Club and Bedford School Foundation.

It acts as a Sub-Committee of the School Governors, and manages the School’s interface with all elements of the wider School community in a joined up manner. The aim of the BSA is ‘to harness the strengths and support of all associated with the School – past and present – for the benefit of all.

Committee Members

  • Mr Simon Briggs
  • Mr Richard Banks
  • Mr James Hodgson
  • Prof Stephen Mayson
  • Mr David Dixon
  • Mrs Andrea Spice
  • Prof Martin Snaith OBE
  • Mr Ian Silk
  • Mr Lance Feaver