World Book Day is always one of our favourite days of the spring term.  We just love reading, as do our boys, and we love sharing in their favourite stories and characters. 

This year, the fabulous fictional characters spilt from the pages of their books and took up residence on our screens. From pirates to The Grinch, Slime to Oompa Loompas and everything in between, the boys embraced the day wholehearted, despite not being here in person. 

We were also delighted to receive some wonderful pictures of boys reading in unusual places for our fun ‘reading somewhere creative’ competition.

In addition, our Y4 boys enjoyed a special treat: a workshop with our excellent and highly entertaining Patron of Reading, Steve Skidmore. Even the most reluctant reader cannot help falling in love with reading and storytelling after one of his sessions!

We even spotted a few fantastical characters dancing their way around the school. As ever, the Headmaster and the teachers brought a smile to the boys’ faces as they, too, joined in the fun on World Book Day.

“Be awesome! Be a book nut!”

Dr Seuss
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