Our Gardening Club, always one of our most popular clubs, is still going strong, even though we are away from school.

The club, which is open to all boys and staff in the Prep School whether they are keen gardeners or new to the field, is now, as lessons, running virtually online. 

Over the last few weeks, boys and staff alike have been busy growing everything from French marigolds, calendulas and dahlias to French beans, tomatoes, peas, courgettes, lettuces and potatoes. With plenty of encouragement and great advice (who knew that you could re-grow spring onions from the leftover bottom bits!), everyone’s gardening projects are quite literally shooting up, and they are enjoying the fruits of their labours. 

“I picked some of our lettuce to go in our sandwiches at lunchtime. It was yummy!”


Mrs Chaillou-Kindred told us, “It is very exciting to hear both boys’ and teachers’ gardening experiences, and to be able to share good practice and successes whilst staying in a remote environment.” 

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