Prep School

Congratulations to all our Prep boys taking part in the Bedfordshire Festival of Music Speech and Drama. 

They have already brought home an impressive haul of trophies for 2016!

We are excited to see what the rest of the week brings!

Name Place Piece
Will Hayward (Y4) 1st Place Solo Poem
James Deardon (Y7) 2nd Place Solo Poem
Ben Roberts & Noah Silk (Y3) 2nd Place Duet Poem
James Pinkney (Y3) 2nd Place Solo Poem
Hugo Mathew (Y8) 3rd Place Presentation (public speaking) on Martyrdom
Martin Rosende (Y6) 2nd Place Presentation (public speaking) on Spain 
Thomas Hayward (Y6) 1st Place Presentation (public speaking) on Wembley
Will Hayward, Shayen Patel, Alex Lamb & Arthur Polhill (Y4) 1st Place Group Poem
Ellison Hendry & Will Maltby (Y7) 3rd Place Duologue
Thomas Allen & Cameron Melly (Y8) 1st Place Duologue
Thomas Bailey (Y8) 3rd Place Prepared Reading 
Noah Silk (Y3) 2nd Place Solo Poem
Robert Wells (Y4) 2nd Place Solo Poem
Benjamin Roberts (Y3) 1st Place Written Poem
Fraser Morgan (Y3) 2nd Place Written Poem
Sarmukh Hundal (Y6) 1st Place Dramatic Solo
Jonathan Hall (Y3) 2nd Place Prepared Reading
Barnaby James & Aaron Berman  1st Place Duet Poem
Harlan Todd 1st Place Junior Song in a Foreign Language
Jack Harte (Y5) 1st Place Solo Poem
Miles Ratcliffe and Oliver Blakemore (Y7)  3rd Place Duet Poem
Sam Ferrari (Y7) 3rd Place Written Poem
Matthew Lousada-Blaazer (Y8)  2nd Place Written Poem
Benjamin Ingram-Moore (Y7)  1st Place Written Poem
Dominic Russell-Smith (Y8)  3rd Place Dramatic Solo
Henry Faulkner (Y8) 1st Place Written Story
Joey Robinson (Y7) 3rd Place Solo Poem
Shayen Patel (Y4) 1st Place Prepared Reading
Arthur Polhill (Y4) 2nd Place Prepared Reading
Reis Fernandes (Y4) 3rd Place Prepared Reading
Ethan Whitlock (Y7) 3rd Place Prepared Reading
Austin Ward (Y7) 2nd Place Prepared Reading
Ashton Stewart (Y6) 2nd Place Solo Poem
Thomas Deardon (Y6) 2nd Place Solo Poem
Reis Fernandes (Y4) 3rd Place Written Poem


Upper School

Boys in the Upper School have also enjoyed great success in the Festival with a great number of wins.  

Name Place Piece
Logan Jones 1st Place Song in a Foreign Language
Logan Jones 1st Place Musical Theatre Class
Angus Watson 1st Place Open Art Song Class
Aidan Swain & Olivia Swain  1st Place Duet Class

Logan Jones and Harlan Todd (Prep School) were also marked as ‘Outstanding’  and have been invited to sing again and compete in the Overall Winners’ Gala Concert/Competition on Saturday at 6.30pm, in the Bedford Corn Exchange.

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