Five Upper School trombone players had the exciting opportunity of taking part in a masterclass with Torsten Eric Edvar, Principal Trombone of La Scala Milan on 20th January.

The masterclass began with a wonderful demonstration by Torsten, particularly on the less common alto trombone, on which he performed Wagenseil’s Trombone Concerto, ably accompanied by Mr Thompson. Afterwards, the boys taking part: Archie Young-Lee, Tom Christian, Ben Sporton, Enoch Tze and Hugh Halsey, had the opportunity to play a prepared piece to Torsten and receive expert coaching and advice. The afternoon finished with all the boys learning and performing a work by Beethoven written for four trombones.

All in all, it was a terrific afternoon of music making!

“Having Torsten come in to help all the trombonists was a real privilege and hearing him play the trombone and passing his advice onto us was very inspiring” Archie Young-Lee, Lower Sixth

“I can’t thank Torsten enough for making a visit to the school and getting alongside the boys, helping them with their music-making” Andrew Groom, Musician-in-Residence and Trombone Teacher

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