Our boys from Y3 and Y4 have been busy testing out the exciting new Tisdall’s Engineering Zone during morning break and lunchtime all this week.

In the Engineering Zone, using interlocking building blocks, the boys can let their imaginations run wild and create a whole series of wonderful structures in free-form play.

On the day we popped down for a look, the boys were happily working together, deciding where the blocks, tunnels and ramps should go and building their creation collaboratively. The finished structure, which looked like a fort, was, in fact, we were informed by the boys, a set of DJ decks, a ball game involving skill and a burger stand – all at once!! We cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

The all-weather tactile blocks, purchased thanks to the support of the Bedford School Trust (BST), are designed to strengthen a variety of skills through play, including maths, science, construction and engineering, kinaesthetic learning, social skills, teamwork, cooperation, language and creative imagination skills. However, equally importantly, they are also great fun and the boys are clearly making the most of them at break and lunchtime.

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