During the first week of term, it was not just boys that returned to school but also their parents, who joined us for an interactive workshop on learning at home and revision using some of the techniques we use here at school.

The 50 parents who joined Mrs Christian, our Assistant Head Teaching and Learning, for the informal and interactive workshop discovered how they could support their sons in the following areas:

  • Reading (improving fluency, comprehension and reading more)
  • Working memory (what it is and strategies to use at home to help improve it or avoid overloading it)
  • Writing (multi-tasking – bringing together planning, handwriting, spelling, punctuation etc. of any written task)
  • Motivation (improving focus and concentration at home)

The parents also found out about the revision skills their sons learn during Study Skills week. Mrs Christian explained, “We encourage all our boys to think, do and reflect, and not to worry about making mistakes – you do not learn by doing everything right.”

Armed with coloured pens, coloured paper and blank mind maps, parents also enjoyed practical exercises as they tried out a number of the learning and revision techniques for themselves. They left armed with a wealth of techniques and approaches to try, confident with their new skills and an understanding of how they can help their sons at home. 

“Just a quick note to thank you very much for such an informative and enjoyable Study Skills evening. Your presentation was packed full of really useful resources, which were both inspiring and reassuring.”

A Parent

If you were unable to attend the evening, please do not worry, you can view the presentation here on Firefly.

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