Y3 boys discovered how fun reading is when you are part of the story, with Patron of Reading and top author: Steve Skidmore, on hand to guide them through their fun session. 

First up the boys enjoyed a highly-entertaining and interactive reading from ‘Action Dogs’, which Steve describes as ‘Wallace and Gromit meets the Thunderbirds’.  The fun tale was accompanied by some wonderful acting from the boys and Mrs Hone – dog costumes and Mexican chihuahua accents were compulsory for the actors!

The boys were then wowed by the future of reading as they became the heroes of the ‘Two Steves’ new online mobile game and book. They were excited to see their names appear in the story, decide the twists and turns in the tale, and even score a goal.  We think that the game/book: New Star Soccer G-Story, will see a spike in downloads tonight as the boys race home to download their free copy of chapters 1-3!

Y4 also got in on the fun, with a great session with Steve on writing superhero stories.  All in all a great day for reading and writing!

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