Teachers in our Prep School have come up with an original way to make sure that all boys wash their hands regularly and thoroughly, as well as teach them that this is the single most effective thing they can do to protect themselves and help curtail the spread of Coronavirus and other illnesses.  

During morning registration time, tutors have been stamping boys’ hands with a reward stamper. The boys’ hands are then inspected on their way to lunch, by which time, if the boys have been washing their hands properly, the stamp should have been washed away.

Mrs Kelly Faulkner, Head of Operations, who came up with the simple but effective idea, said, “Our boys are used to having their amazing work stamped by the teachers, but yesterday it was their hands instead that received this special treatment! It helps the boys understand that thorough hand washing can help to protect us all from spreading disease and this visual aid helped them to remember to wash their hands.”

While the stamping of hands is not intended to be a long-term initiative, it has certainly been a great help in getting the boys into the habit of washing their hands more regularly and thoroughly. 

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