We are very proud of all our boys who took a LAMDA exam this summer. All 10 boys passed with either a merit or distinction and of particular note were Tom Holland who, a year early, got 88/100 for his silver medal (AS Level), George Robertson who got 92/100 for his Grade 5 and Ollie McCormack (pictured) who achieved an unbeatable 100% for his gold medal (A Level) – such a high grade is practically unheard of.

The London Academy of Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is situated in the heart of London’s West End and is the oldest, and perhaps the most traditional, drama school in the UK. It has built a reputation for excellence and is held in high esteem across the globe.

Here are the full set of results:

  • Will Smithson – Bronze Medal, 65%, Merit
  • Tom Holland – Silver Medal, 88%, Distinction
  • Flik Feng – Grade 4, 88%, Distinction
  • George Robertson – Grade 5, 92%, Distinction
  • Divine Edjejovwo – Grade 5, 78%, Merit
  • Tony Tao – Grade 4, 66%, Merit
  • Tobi Akerele – Grade 4, 78%, Merit
  • Harilaos Karavagggelis – Bronze Medal, 65%, Merit
  • Ollie Crankshaw – Bronze Medal, 74%, Merit
  • Ollie McCormack – Gold Medal, 100%, Distinction

Well done to all the boys for displaying such a high standard of talent.

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