Does your son make you a lovely cuppa in the morning, change his own duvet or help out by ironing the occasional shirt? If he has always said that he just did not know how – this is about to change!

Over the course of two days, every boy in Y8 learned some key life skills with the assistance of their teachers and some very kind parents. The life skills sessions, covering everything from polishing shoes to changing a light bulb to sending emails to their teachers, were designed to give the boys a sense of ownership over their lives and their spaces, the ability to clean up after themselves and, most importantly, to provide them with the confidence to be more independent.

Some boys were clearly pros and took to the tasks with ease, whereas others had never touched an iron or changed a duvet in their lives! However, we are pleased to say that, regardless of ability, they all approached the tasks with positivity and enthusiasm.

We hope that the boys will continue to practice their new-found skills by putting them to good use!

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