Last term saw so many of our boys achieve their personal goals, which we are always thrilled to see. One goal in particular stood out, and that was from Lower Sixth Former Edwin Chan, who was runner up in this year’s ‘Corpus Christi College’s Peter Cane Prize for Legal Reasoning’. Not only is this a highly competitive contest, but also a fiendishly difficult one, and one that Edwin entered voluntarily and without intervention.  The competition seeks  to promote engagement with the ideas and reasoning behind law and legal studies; this year the task involved analysis of Section 6 of the Human Rights Act and its provisions governing what constitutes  a ‘public authority’ for the purposes of that act. The question that Edwin was faced with can be found here.  

Tutor Mr Michael Herring said, “Edwin has done brilliantly to win second place in the Peter Cane Legal Reasoning Prize. He entered entirely of his own accord and diligently tracked down dusty legal cases to help form his answer. The question – on a very complex section of the Human Rights Act 1998 – was not easy at all and it’s a real testament to his perseverance (and very good brain!) that he managed to answer it so precisely and concisely. We are very proud of him.”

Edwin, along with the other shortlisted candidates, attended the prize giving ceremony which also involved taking part in workshops with Professor Peter Cane himself and receiving an insight into life as a law student from undergraduate student mentors. 

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