Boys from Y3 and Y4 are enjoying a selection of treats for reaching their reading targets for the second half of the autumn term.

3C and 4V both won super special lunches for being the respective top classes for reading in their year. As a reward, the boys got to choose from a range of tempting, tasty options to create their perfect meal, which proved to be a ‘McBedford Burger’ with bacon, cheese, burger sauce, homemade fries and a cob salad followed by cookies and ice cream for 3C last week.  Next week, 4V will be tucking into Homemade chicken nuggets with chunky fries and grilled vegetables followed by chocolate waffles for their reward.


On Friday 10 January, all boys in Y3 and Y4 got to take off their ties for an afternoon and proudly relax with open collars as a year group reward!  Impressively 93% of all boys in Y3 and 84% of boys in Y4 met or excelled their targets, which are tailored for each boy based on their reading ability, reading a total of 928 books – some 8,177,988 words – between them!

With the reading challenges set each and every half term, the race to be the top reading class is now on once again, and the boys are also hoping to hit their year group target to secure even more rewards. And the best bit . . . they got to read some brilliant stories and wonderful tales in the process.

We love reading and, based on their achievements, so do the boys!

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