Despite mixed weather over the last few weeks, our boys have been undeterred and busy competing not only in cricket and tennis but also athletics, golf and swimming – to name a few! 


Brothers Owain and Rhys Harries enjoyed a highly successful day at the recent Bedfordshire Athletics County Championships. Owain (Y6) competed in three events: the high jump, 800m and 100m, and by the end of the day he held medals in each: gold and the county champion title in the high jump, silver for the 800m and bronze for the 100m. Rhys (Y8) also earned a county champion title when he won gold in the javelin. Our congratulations go to them both!


On the fairway, Shaun Thomas (Y8), Isaac Talbot, (Y8) Dale Sirivisal (Y7) and William Mowe (Y6) competed in the Wellington Salver at Wellington School on 12 May and after 18 holes finished a commendable fifth place (nett score) in the team competition. Dale Sirivisal also stepped up to help the Upper School team at their recent friendly against Uppingham and was one of the winning pairs in the 3-0 victory. Great results all round!


Our congratulations also go to all the boys below who have qualified for the upcoming National IAPS Swimming finals at the London Aquatics Centre on Saturday 8 June and ESSA Primary Schools’ Relay finals at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield, on Saturday 15 June.

National IAPS Swimming Finals


  • Eamon Bradley in 50m backstroke, freestyle relay and medley relay
  • Luke Pollen-Brooks in freestyle relay and medley relay (reserve for 50m breaststroke)
  • Jonny Weimann in freestyle relay and medley relay (reserve for 25m butterfly)
  • Will Cave-Grubb in freestyle relay and medley relay


  • Daniel Blight in 50m backstroke and medley relay
  • Jamie Maling in 50m breaststroke and medley relay
  • James Pinkney in medley relay
  • George Sivills in medley relay


  • Benjamin Maddaford in 25m freestyle

ESSA Primary Schools’ Relay Finals

Y6 and Y5

  • Daniel Blight in freestyle and medley relays
  • Jamie Maling in freestyle and medley relays
  • James Pinkney in freestyle and medley relays
  • Sam Barnes in freestyle relay
  • Benjamin Maddaford in medley relay

We wish everyone the best of luck in the coming weeks!

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