Have you ever wondered what it would be like to climb a mountain? This question and many more were answered for our Y4 boys when they spent a fascinating afternoon with the high altitude adventurer, Mary-Ann Ochota.

The TV presenter, author and keen climber, led the boys on an imaginary journey up a mountain on Wednesday 20 February, filling them in on what to wear, what accessories to take, how to stay safe, and even how to use the (outdoor) bathroom as they journeyed ever higher and higher. 

Mary-Ann also encouraged them to start their own climbing challenges; such as climbing a few of the gentler peaks in the UK or taking on the #EverestAnywhere challenge.

By the end of the session, the boys were highly-enthused about new challenges available to them. 

We hope that they will also remember Mary-Ann’s two top tips:

  • Look after yourself and your friends
  • Don’t fall off!

Parents be warned – you may need to dust off your walking boots in the near future!

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