We are delighted to hear that Old Bedfordian and acclaimed storyteller Matthew Crampton (76-81) is starring at Bedford’s The Place Theatre on Sunday 17 June 2018, as part of Bedford’s Refugee Week.

Matthew, who is an accomplished folk singer and live performer, unites with American folk music legend Jeff Warner in a new show based on Mathew’s book, Human Cargo: Songs and Stories of Emigration, Slavery and Transportation. 

In a remarkable evening of story and song, Matthew tells true tales of individuals forced into exile in the 18th and 19th centuries. He weaves these stories through a tapestry of traditional folksong from the time, performed by Jeff Warner.

Matthew told us, “History usually tells of the rich, the famous and the lucky. But what of ordinary people? Folksong helps give them a voice.”

Matthew works in conjunction with the Parallel Lives project, and has formed links with 50 different refugee migrant support groups, enabling Matthew to research and include local stories of emigration into his performances. He hunts through original passenger lists from 18th and 19th century ships to find people who have migrated from the town in which he is performing. In parallel, he talks of people who have come to live in the town in recent decades.

Matthew and Jeff have toured the country with this show, picking up high praise along the way. However, nothing is quite a poignant as performing in, and telling local stories about the town where he spent many years at school.

Human Cargo is on Sunday 17 June at 7.30pm at The Place Theatre, Bedford. Tickets are available here.

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