Boys are already proving what Future Skills heroes they are after getting off to a flying start this term with numerous merits awarded.

With Captain Kindness, Man of Integrity, Responsibility Raptor, Professor Curiosity and Endeavour Eagle to inspire them, the boys are working hard to achieve Future Skills merits (which replace academic and conduct merits). The merits are awarded whenever the boys display super skills or behaviour, for example, for focus in a lesson, excellent behaviour in assembly, helping out at an open event or making a real contribution to learning. 

Some boys have already amassed 15 merits for bronze certificates (certificates are also awarded for 40 merits – silver, 75 – gold, 125 – platinum and 175 – diamond). The merits are not only an excellent incentive for the boys to do their best, but also help them to reflect upon the values learned, and the skills and understanding they have developed. 

The boys are also collectively working hard to achieve merits and points for their houses and the honour of seeing their house flag flying outside Mr Silk’s office each week – there is great excitement each Friday as the winner is unfurled – not to mention the highly sought after termly and annual house cups. Last year it was a very green affair, with both the term and annual cup going to Whitbread. However, a new year brings with it a new competition and a chance to shine both individually and, with equal pride, by house.


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