Have you noticed a new flag flying in the Prep School this last week and wondered why? This week the flag is red for Harpur, but next week it could be green, blue,  yellow or red again. It all depends on which house has earned the most academic and conduct merits during the previous week and, as the total resets every Monday, all houses have an equal chance each week.

We hope that these colourful new flags will motivate pupils to do their best both inside the classroom and out to help their house to be the one flying the flag each week. Much like our conduct merit coins, in the Prep School reception, it provides a wonderfully visual way for the boys to see how their superb efforts and behaviour make a difference. Encouraging, promoting and celebrating positive behaviour, using healthy competition as an additional motivator, is high on our priorities in the Prep School.

Do watch out for the changing of the flag each week and celebrate with your son when his house flag is raised.

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