First, there was Floreat. Now, we are delighted to introduce Floreat Bitesize. It is the same brilliant school magazine, written by the boys for the boys. However, as the name suggests, this is a new smaller edition, which will be published more frequently.

With the world changing so quickly, the boys behind the publication, Harry Hine, Arun Nanda and Gabriel Davis, were keen to publish their perspectives on events relevant in the media now, rather than from months prior. 

This first Floreat Bitesize includes articles on ‘The Unspoken Genocide’, ‘Tigray: An Impending Human Right’s Disaster’ and ‘Auf Wiedersehen, ‘Mutti’’. As ever, the magazine is a real eye-opener and a thought-provoking read.

You can read the first issue of Floreat Bitesize below:


And, just in case you missed them, the two previous issues.


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