Speech and drama lessons are always hugely popular with the boys, and after popping along to a couple of lessons this week, we can see why. Both sessions with our Y4 and Y7 boys were great fun.

After warm-ups of either tricky tongue twisters or vocal exercises, the boys work on their chosen poems or dramatisations, practising and performing for each other within their small groups. Right from the start, boys learn how to use volume, pace, projection, pitch and rhythm to lift their performances and entertain their audience. And the results speak for themselves – each year it is incredible to witness the pride and confidence of the boys as they take their LAMDA exams and compete in the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama, not to mention their great successes! The Festival is always a highlight of the school year.

Speech and Drama Coordinator, Mrs Turton, explained, “Speech and drama is great for boys of all ages, whether they love the limelight or tend to shy away from speaking out. We work in small groups, so boys feel safe and comfortable to try new things and find their voices. They not only learn the skills to speak and present with confidence but improve their vocabulary, expand their imagination and creativity, and learn fun memory techniques too – all of which are skills that are invaluable throughout their school days and beyond. And we have a lot of fun along the way!” 


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