Three teenagers, on the roof of a nightclub, thrown together through circumstance, all searching for an answer to the same question – Who cares?

Fall Out explores the story of three young people whose night out leads to a journey of self-discovery, testing friendships and questioning identity and loyalty. An uncompromising look at growing discontent and how easily we can be led to find the wrong answers to the questions surrounding our own happiness?

Fall Out was written in response to a growing concern that more young people are becoming disempowered, that they no longer have a voice or control over their own future’s.

“We’re all told to work hard, go to school, get your exams, but for what? There’s no jobs for people like us, no future.”

Suicide rates amongst young people have risen in recent years and significantly statistics suggest that 33% of young people (aged 16-24) consider taking their own lives. This feeling of hopelessness and loss of direction is reflected in Fall Out, which looks at the journey of Jay, a young revolutionary who thinks he knows how to put it all right.

“Thousands of us, on the last day of exams, we’re all gonna jump. They’ll have to listen to us then, they’ll have no choice.”

Fall Out develops the company’s signature style of physical performance, accessing new audiences through the offer of an event that goes beyond the conventional traditions of the theatre. The development of Fall Out looks to combine a high-quality physical theatre performance with the experience of a club night. Set in empty studio spaces, audiences are invited to enter a nightclub, dance becomes interspersed with story/movement/dialogue, with action taking place around and above the audience- a self-contained interactive promenade experience.

Supported using public funding from the Arts Council

Some strong language  |  Contains scenes which some audience may find distressing  |  Explores mental health issues surrounding Suicide

Please note: This is a promenade performance (unreserved & standing only). When booking, select a seat from the plan but be aware you won’t be able to sit in it! 

“All the elements of the company’s work have been of exceptional quality, enthusiastically received by participants schools and audiences” ARTISTIC DIRECTOR – BELGRADE THEATRE

Date: Tuesday 17 January 2017
Time: 7.30pm 
Venue: The Quarry Theatre
Cost: £12.50 (£10.50 concessions)

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01234 362337

Running Time: 90mins 
Age Suitability: 12yrs +
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