Boys in the Prep School are enthralled with the way that virtual reality is bringing their science lessons to life. Using the school’s Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and controllers, boys in both Y6 and Y8 have been immersing themselves in the study of the human body. The VR headsets have enabled the boys to go inside the human body and look in 3D at the circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems. The VR headsets follow a programme but the boys have the control in their hands to investigate any individual areas of interest even further. Using the technology the boys have changed heart rates, seen the effect of an asthma attack on the lungs and the effect of various diseases on the human body and much more beyond.

“It’s hard to imagine the inside of the human body from diagrams in a book but the headsets let us see inside.”

Elsewhere in the school the boys have been exploring Space as well as travelling back in time in history with visits to historical locations including Anne Frank’s house.

We have also just added some merge cubes to the tools that the boys can use to explore virtual worlds. These clever cubes work with the VR headsets to enable boys to hold virtual objects such as a Greek vase or a skull in the palm of their hands and turn it around to view the artefact from all angles – just as you would with the real thing.

“The VR headsets give us a better understanding because everything is so realistic.” 

These are clearly exciting times for technology in the classroom!

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