Food is always a top priority for boys but for our youngest pupils we know that visiting the Dining Halls can be a little daunting, and choosing what to pick from the many counters can be tricky.

So to help our Y3 and Y4 boys we make the lunch simple with plenty of helpers on hand to support them. They have their own dedicated counter, where they can choose between two yummy main courses, and, if boys are unsure which option to pick, they can try before making their decision.

To educate their taste buds and eat healthily, we encourage all the boys to try new things and make sure that they have some vegetables or salad on their plates. The portions are small for small tummies but seconds are always on offer, as well as fruit and pudding once boys have eaten their mains. Tutors and our very helpful prefects are also on hand every day to help them out and have a good, friendly chat over lunch.

We are pleased to say that within a few days boys are happy and relaxed, and eating well!

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