OBs in Singapore enjoyed catching up over beers and a curry at Tango’s in Holland Village on Friday 10th June, a meet-up organised by DVP James Brodie (77-88).

The group were pleased to welcome some new faces in the form of Richard Catlin (87-98), George Rea and Russell de Chernatony (98-03), alongside Graham Bradley (78-86) who was visiting from Hong Kong. They were joined by Chris Rodwell (83-33), Wayne Fozzard (77-79), Simon Johnson (70-81), Ben Shorten (83-90), Thomas Hawker (88-98) and Jeff Uden (82-91). The men had good fun with some staying on quite for a late one!

James hopes to organise another meet-up soon so do get in touch with him on jamesrbrodie@hotmail.com if you would like to be informed of future events taking place in Singapore.

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