Bedford School Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Programme

We exceeded our Duke of York Digital Enterprise targets for half term with 110 participants enrolled on the course, 24 Bronze Award winners, 11 Silver Award winners and 1,366 badges being collected in total. We are now aiming for 200 boys on the pilot programme by Easter with 25 Bronze Award and 20 Silver Award winners. We are also aiming to complete 2,000 badges by that time. The programme is free to all members of the Bedford School community, and I would especially encourage Sixth Formers to lead the way. There is time for them to get their certificates from Buckingham Palace by the end of the school year. Each participant can download a record of achievement, which looks great on CVs and impresses universities and employers alike. To become involved in this exciting pilot, please contact Dr Wallace directly. Pupils, staff and parents are welcome to enrol on this prestigious programme.

Innovation Grants

The first tranche of innovation grants have been made to individual teachers and departments in order to enhance the use of digital technologies in classrooms. During 2019 we are introducing the use of interactive, wireless touch-screen displays in a number of classrooms. As these are installed we will keep you posted and invite you to come along and have a look to see how they are being used. A mobile set of virtual reality headsets are also being ordered and these will be available for use in the Prep School and also in the Upper School. Full training on all digital technologies being introduced in the school will be provided to staff and pupils.

Cyber Discovery

CyberStart Game is the second stage of Cyber Discovery and it features a huge number of cyber security challenges to tackle. Top performing pupils  in the CyberStart Assess phase qualified to participate in CyberStart Game. All pupils who got to this stage will be invited to the next stage, CyberStart Essentials, when it opens. Pupils who participate can continue where they left off next year. This stage opened on Tuesday 15 January and closes on Monday 18 March. All pupils who achieve 20% or higher will receive a certificate recognising their achievement.


We are installing four computers in our new Raspberry Pi HackLab in S24. Watch out for information on a new hackers’ club for pupils.

Digital Parenting

Copies of Digital Parenting are available from Prep School Reception or the Bell Room.

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