After an impressive 58 years the 1958 Class School leavers joined for an inaugural reunion at Swan Hotel Bedford on 9th June 2016. Altogether 14 OBs with some wives had much catching-up to do, as well as fellow pupils to identify from old School photos over an extended lunch!

Cognisant of other milestones in the next two years, the group decided to hold a 75th Birthday Anniversary in London during June 2017 and a 60th Departure Anniversary in Bedford during July 2018. Any School leavers of this era would be welcome to attend both reunion anniversaries. Please contact Ben Papé (50-58) at for more details.

Pictured, from left to right, are: Tim Ricketts (49-60), Peter Hudson (53-59), Mary Wood, David Wood (55-60), Ben Papé (50-58), Jonathan Kane (51-58), Barry Fletcher (51-60), Robert O’Dell (51-58), Martyn Thomas (56-60), Roger Fennemore (52-61), Chris Hawkes (55-59), Bruce Claridge (55-59), Mike Mulgrue-Green (50-59), Tim Lawrence (53-60), Margot Ricketts. Although missing from the photos, Colin Argent (53-58) and Suzi Argent also attended the reunion.

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