We recently heard from Stewart Norton (92-97) who informed us that, earlier this year, he had organised a 20-year reunion for his classmates – the class of 97. In July, 14 ‘old boys’ (see below), their partners and wives and a total of 19 children gathered for a weekend get-together in Sherwood Forest to commemorate over two decades of friendship. Great fun was had by all with some OBs travelling from as far afield as New York and Kenya for the occasion! Stewart noted, “The fact that we are still in touch after 20 years is a great result and all because of Bedford School.”

We love hearing stories of lasting friendships which were made at the School. If you have any similar news, please do get in touch with us at the Old Bedfordians Club…we’d love to hear from you!


* Photo,  left to right (of OBs)

  • Richard Poulton (85-97)
  • Matthew Thorne (92-97)
  • Chris Dean (88-97)
  • Robert Kesterton (92-97)
  • Rikul Bodhani (89-97)
  • Henry Saunderson (85-97)
  • Mark Simpson (87-97)
  • Franc Lowe (92-97)
  • Mike Cumming (92-97)
  • Stewart Norton
  • Tim Spragge (92-97)
  • Danny Wayte (89-97)
  • Nick Bishop (92-97)
  • Ian McLaren (87-97) was also at the get-together but is not featured in the photo
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