Our Prep boys were delighted to donate 30 boxes filled with Christmas food and treats to the Bedford Foodbank and All Nations Church’s ‘Christmas in a Box’ appeal this week.

Every boy in the Prep School was asked to donate just one or two items from a shopping list, which included items such as stuffing and mince pies. Their combined donations would create a full box for each class. However, the boys and their families were so generous that we were able to put together 30 boxes instead of 24!

Boys also learnt about the difficulties many face week in and week out, but especially at Christmas, in feeding their families. Creating the food boxes also brought home the message that every little thing you do can make a real difference, as Will in Y4 told us, “Imagine how many families in need we could give a Christmas dinner if every school in the country did this.” What a wonderfully wise observation.

We are very proud to have helped in a small way to support the work that Bedford Foodbank and All Nations Church carry out to provide local people in crisis with hampers at Christmas and, hopefully, show them that someone cares about them this Christmas.

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