Could you help your local community this lockdown, make a real difference to someone’s life and spread a little joy? This was the challenge we put to our Prep boys at the beginning of term, as we encouraged them to think about how they could make a real impact in their own way.

A few weeks into the challenge, we are pleased to say that the boys are already making a difference and spreading some joy through their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. 

Joe Basquille (Y8) not only sorted through his own books, games and puzzles to donate to Keech Hospice, but he also encouraged his friends to do the same. By the time he had collected all the donations and combined them with his own, Joe had 168 books, 37 games and 17 jigsaw puzzles to share with the children being cared for by the hospice or for them to sell to raise valuable funds in their charity shops. We are sure that his generosity will put a smile on many children’s faces.


Jeremy Dunn (Y3), Jack Nash (Y3), Joseph Parsonage (Y3), Guy Jones (Y3) and Sammy Inman (Y8) all decided to focus on litter to help make a difference in their communities and have been very busy litter picking. Jeremy also hopes to raise money for The Wildlife Trust by getting sponsorship for his efforts, and Jack is also helping his elderly neighbour with rubbish, by taking out her bins each week.


Mihai Memet (Y7) decided to treat local NHS ambulance staff from Bedford with some doughnuts to thank them for all their hard work during these difficult times. Judging by the smiles of the ambulance staff, this act of kindness made their day.

Isaac Ferguson (Y7) also used food to lift spirits—baking gingerbread cookies with his sister for his neighbour who not only lost her husband recently but has also been unwell herself.  Their efforts had a wonderful impact, with their neighbour sending this lovely message: “A big thank-you to Lily and Isaac for the best ginger biscuits I have ever tasted! What a wonderful surprise to see you all on Sunday – it made my day. Thank you all so very much.”

Emir Kenrick (Y7) took the challenge in his stride, quite literally, pledging to run 100k for charity—a challenge he kicked off this week.


James Holt (Y4) took up the challenge following the floods at the start of the year by helping his neighbours recover their garden which had washed across a road.

Henry Whitfield (Y8) decided to help his local primary school and has been busy painting fences, washing walls and clearing out ditches as well as spring cleaning the children’s play area with a good sweep and jet wash ready for when they can return.  

“It is fantastic how many boys have already started to make an impact. I am delighted how inventive and thoughtful our boys are being to give something back. Imagine the impact Bedford Prep School will make if all our boys help their local communities.” 

Mr Lincoln

With plenty more boys inspired to take up the challenge, no doubt, more acts of kindness are set to follow.   

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