Over the half term, 17 Fifth Form boys arrived in the Peak District carrying everything they would need for their three-day expedition on their backs, and that included their accommodation!

After a day of navigation training, the boys left the comforts of the bunkhouse, which was home for the first two nights. Three days, two campsites, and 50 kilometres later – walking through rain, fog, wind and sunshine, all 17 boys arrived at their final destination with another achievement under their belt.

Overall, the boys were supportive of one another, both within and between their groups. This was particularly true of one boy who not only took great care of his own group throughout the trip, but came across another group with a limping boy. He called the teachers on the DofE mobile with the injured boy’s six-figure grid reference so he could be collected, before leading the rest of the boys, along with his group, to the next campsite.

The external assessor present on the trip who works with a large number of schools, said that he is always very impressed with the resilience and conduct of Bedford School boys. Well done to all those involved, including the three members of teaching staff who covered the expedition.

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