While traditional sports matches and competitions were put to one side during the lockdown, there was one inter-house sports competition that both boys and staff threw themselves into with great gusto!

To encourage the boys to keep taking regular physical activity (and to be honest they did not take much coaxing!), our sports staff created an all-inclusive sports competition across the school using the well-known Strava app. Boys were encouraged to clock up activities such as bike rides, walks, runs and rows on the ergo, and record their sessions on the Strava app. Points were then awarded for each session undertaken – anything and everything was encouraged, from weight training to HIIT sessions and even walking the dog – as long as the boys were doing something that got their heart pumping, then it counted. In the case of Fourth Former Eric Breslin in Bromham House, one of his regular activities was body conditioning, which helped maintain his strength and flexibility ready for when he is able to start county level gymnastics training again.

In fact, Eric proved himself to be the Strava star of the competition, racking up more points than any other boy and, in doing so, playing a significant part in Bromham’s victory.

Eric told us, “The competition brought together a big community of boys that helped motivate and encourage each other. Without knowing I was supporting a bigger team, I might not have had as much motivation. I knew how much it meant to the House and to Mr Rooke, and I wanted to do well for them.”

Evidently, this competition was not just about keeping active. At a time when boys were isolated from school friends, this initiative gave them a sense of camaraderie and closeness, which has been a real benefit to the boys.

Thom Rooke, Music Teacher and Housemaster of Bromham, commented, “I have been so impressed with the inspired levels of engagement during the House Strava competition. It has given the boys a sense of purpose and togetherness during otherwise isolated times. The competitive spirit of Bromham has shone and we have enjoyed celebrating the boys’ achievements.”

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