While Hunstanton may be better known for its unique striped cliffs, magnificent sunsets and Victorian charm, it is also a great location to visit for a Geography field trip.

That is exactly what 96 Remove Form geographers did when they travelled to the Norfolk coast to investigate coastal management and processes as part of their GCSE physical fieldwork enquiry. 

After a long drive, the boys arrived to clear skies and a refreshing sea breeze. The morning was spent studying the impact of groynes on the beach at New Hunstanton. They paced out the width of the beach and used a variety of sampling strategies to take measurements at different groynes before completing field sketches of the iconic wave-cut platform. Next stop was a well-needed lunch and, as all good geographers do, they used the opportunity to support the local economy by feasting on delicious fish and chips!

In the afternoon, a short drive north took the boys to their second data collection location, Old Hunstanton. This area has no man-made coastal management and enabled them to see how the coastline had been shaped by different processes. The boys carried out further field work in order to compare the data from the contrasting areas.

The boys were excellent ambassadors for the school throughout the day and returned to Bedford with high quality data and an improved understanding of both the coasts topic and fieldwork skills.

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