Albeit a little sooner than anticipated, this week saw the gathering of our 2020 ‘survivors’ – the informal nickname given to boys who started Bedford School in Y3 and who have stayed right through until the Upper Sixth.

It is traditional for the boys to gather on the Y3 climbing frame, along with their Prep School teachers, to capture this momentous occasion forever.  

Dan Smith, Head of School, was part of the group and recalls his very first day in Y3 fondly, “I remember walking onto the Inky Astro, being a bit nervous, but then I soon started playing football with a group of other boys.”

With this week now being Dan’s last week in school, he went on to say, “Mostly, I will miss that sense of community and belonging that is so strong at Bedford School. As a whole year group we’re very close, but also the 20 of us that made it through from Year 3 are still friends now even though those friendships started 11 years ago.

“My advice to a new boy starting school here is simple. And that’s to get involved. Throw yourself into everything because that’s probably about the best thing about Bedford School, there is so much to offer. Don’t be nervous about getting involved – just put yourself out there.

“The teachers here are incredible too. I will never forget playing football in the summer on the Inky pitch at lunchtime – the teachers would get involved as well, and we’d all have fun together.”

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