It was a very proud moment for Lower Sixth Former Jake Pattison, who was recently nominated to take on the prestigious role of ‘Head of House’ at Pemberley Boarding House – a role which he will take on from September.

The appointment was particularly fitting as Jake follows in the footsteps of both of his uncles who also fulfilled the role during their own school days.

Marcus Pattison (80-85) and Damon Pattison (82-87), former Pemberley Heads of House, were obviously thrilled to hear that their nephew had been appointed to the same role. So much so, they jumped at the chance to pose for a photo with Jake outside their old boarding house.

Speaking about their time as boarders during the 1980s, Marcus explained that his overriding memory was that of being part of such a tight group of friends. They became his family, like a home from home, and he formed strong bonds with boys from all around the world and of all ages, whom he is still in touch with today.

Marcus told us, “Being a boarder throws you into independence. I learnt very quickly how to deal with people, respect others and build strong relationships – it was all part of growing up in a boarding house. As Head of House, I learnt how to become a leader, and developed the skills to influence people and get them on board. Skills which have been invaluable in my career.”

The role of Head of House has not changed that much in 40 years and is hugely important within the boarding community. The Head of House helps to look after the younger boys, providing them support when needed, for example, if they get homesick, which happens from time to time. They also act as a go-between the Boarding House Master and the boys which really helps ensure the best possible pastoral care.

Damon, who is Marcus’ younger brother by two years, explained, “The role of Head of House is really to lead by example. You need to be the epitome of the house rules, but I would never ask someone to do something that I was not prepared to do myself. That was really important.”

Both Marcus and Damon have gone on to have very successful careers – Marcus is Managing Director of his own media company, and Damon is an award-winning Creative Director for popular TV shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, You are What You Eat, and more recently the hugely entertaining Pooch Perfect where he works with Sheridan Smith.

Chatting to their nephew about taking on the role of Head of House, they were unanimous in their advice; “Be diplomatic, give advice and be true to yourself.”

In honour of the trio of Pattisons, a house dormitory is set to be named after them.

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