We are delighted to share the full list of boys who achieved a wonderful top three place in this year’s Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama.  Between them, the boys scooped a remarkable 72 placings—an impressive result in any year, but even more so in the midst of a global pandemic. The new online format certainly added a complication or two to the normal competition, but we are proud to say that the boys and their teachers rose to the challenge magnificently.

While the boys may not have had the opportunity to take to the stage, they did get their moment to perform and shine as each submitted a film in every category they entered.  Keeping with the usual festival, the judges watched the entrants’ performances and awarded prizes each day, and the boys had the opportunity to hear the adjudicators comments on their pieces. It was lovely to hear all of the boy’s hard work being recognised and their efforts acknowledged. 

“Although different to usual, the situation has provided the boys with an opportunity to explore performance for the camera as well as their usual skills. It’s been an event where all the family has been able to get involved from camera crew, rehearsals and even some pets making an appearance! We are so impressed with all of the boys for their outstanding efforts and whether you placed or not you should all be extremely proud of yourselves, just like we are of you!”

Mrs Patsy Turton, Head of Speech and Drama
CategoryAge GroupPlaceBoys
Dramatic SoloAged 7-81stAustin Reddy
Dramatic SoloAged 7-82ndJoe Willard
Dramatic SoloAged 7-83rdJack Taylor
Dramatic SoloAged 9-101stJames Angus
Dramatic SoloAged 9-102ndIsaac Devenish, Samuel Hughes, George Harrison,
Dramatic SoloAged 9-103rdCayo Sinclair, Matthew Moretto
Dramatic SoloAged 111stOliver Quince, Charlie Gibson
Dramatic SoloAged 112ndRocco Sarro, Advik Mishra, Aryan Sohanpal
Dramatic SoloAged 113rdJoshua Lincoln
Dramatic SoloAged 122ndBen Cutts
Dramatic SoloAged 123rdElio Lepore, Sam Deardon
Piano SoloGrades 5-71stAryan Sohanpal
Prepared Reading SoloAged 71stJames Workman
Prepared Reading SoloAged 73rdMajor Grewal
Prepared Reading SoloAged 81stAustin Reddy
Prepared Reading SoloAged 82ndGeorge Steed, Charlie Tillison, Oli Hudson
Prepared Reading SoloAged 83rdVeer Ramani, James Holt
Prepared Reading SoloAged 91stLucas Hill, Luke Mitchell
Prepared Reading SoloAged 92ndJoshua Worboys, Archie Fleming
Prepared Reading SoloAged 93rdConor Hayes, Cayo Sinclair
Prepared Reading SoloAged 103rdEthan Daubney, Freddie Barnes
Prepared Reading SoloAged 111stAdvik Mishra
Prepared Reading SoloAged 112ndKasim Sheikh, Charlie Gandesha
Religious Text Reading SoloAll ages2ndJames Gordon
Religious Text Reading SoloAll ages3rdTom White
Shakespeare Solo Aged 7-81stMonty Pool
Shakespeare Solo Aged 7-82ndThomas McDonald, Gabriel Roberts
Shakespeare Solo Aged 11-121stOwain Harries
Shakespeare Solo Aged 11-122ndHarry Brown
Shakespeare SoloAged 11-123rdTom White
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 71stMajor Grewal
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 72ndThomas McDonald
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 81stJames Holt
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 82ndCharlie Tillison, Jacob Jemmett-Gabrys, Oscar McCartie
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 83rdBenedict Armstrong
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 92ndAdam Purdie, Angelo Milioto
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 93rdAbhay Raghunath
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 101stAlastair Tierney
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 103rdJames Angus, Samuel Hughes, Toby Hudson, Thomas Whiting
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 112ndJoshua Lincoln, Advik Mishra
Verse Speaking SoloAged 113rdLeo Mathew
Verse Speaking Solo Aged 123rdAiden Reid
Verse Speaking SoloAged 132ndAadhi Arun
Verse Speaking SoloAged 133rdJoe Lee
Write and Speak a PoemAged 7-82ndJoe Willard
Write and Speak a PoemAged 9-101stLucas Hill
Write and Speak a PoemAged 111stAdvik Mishra
Write and Speak a PoemAged 112ndAryan Sohanpal
Write and Speak a PoemAged 113rdRalph Franklin, Leo Matthew

Category Winners

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