The Medieval Period was brought to life for our Y5 boys on Monday 4 June as they took part in a series of fun, interactive workshops.

After a vivid introduction to the period with illustrations and props, the boys learnt about the Black Death and the Great Plague that wiped out thousands of citizens.

The history of the time was brought to life for the boys by historical characters including the creepy-looking Plague Doctor, who wore a beak-like mask filled with aromatic herbs to treat infected patients. His strange cures for the plague – most of which did not work – were both amusing and tragic.

Malcolm the Monk spoke to them about religion at the time of the Black Death and the Medieval Period. He talked about the plague saints and involved everyone in a memento mori exercise before delivering a Black Death-themed Miracle Play from the time.

It was a fascinatingly gruesome workshop for the boys on their current topic of study.

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